The More Than Creepy Trump/Hitler Similarities

I recently read a fantastic book about a student revolt during Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. A Noble Treason: The Story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Revolt, by Richard Hanser. I highly recommend this book as it gives a much needed look at how the Nazis so easily came into power. The story of The…… Continue reading The More Than Creepy Trump/Hitler Similarities

Radical Sections in Political Movements

This is probably going to end up as a series because I’m incredibly interested in this subject. The concept of fully peaceful social change is a beautiful one and in a perfect world would be possible, but unfortunately history tells us this isn’t the case. I want to outline some of the groups I’ll be…… Continue reading Radical Sections in Political Movements

Those Crazy Theocrats

I think we need to talk about theocrats, those crazy folks that truly believe that America (or any other country for that matter) should make their chosen holy text the law of the land, and how f***ing terrifying that concept is. Since most of my experience with these people comes from Christian right, I’ll stick…… Continue reading Those Crazy Theocrats

“Religious Liberty”

Trump recently signed a sweeping executive order that was rumored in days prior to contain language that gave what is rightly referred to as a “license to discriminate.” By some small miracle that language didn’t make it into the bill. However, it did something I believe to be potentially much worse. The order, entitled “Promoting…… Continue reading “Religious Liberty”